About Us

Gappiya Clothing was founded by Tharindu Wijesekara a.k.a. Gappiya and his wife Lilly White in April 2016. Gappiya is a Sri Lankan YouTuber well known for his witty humor and honest social illustrations, which, despite the sensitive subject matter and subsequent controversies, Gappiya has become a prominent icon in the Sri Lankan social media community. Gappiya Clothing is inspired by his catchy movie dialogues, colourful characters and his deep vision to encourage free thinking.

In late 2005, Gappiya returned home to Sri Lanka after ten long years living in Australia. The overwhelming love and acknowledgement by his fellow Sri Lankans of his work left him in shock for months. During his travels through the country, Gappiya encountered admirers from all the different social structures within the Sri Lankan community. Despite class differences they all recognised Gappiya as an “escape” from their day to day hardships. This had a profound effect on Gappiya.

Within a year of his return visit to Sri Lanka “Gappiya Clothing”  was born- a clothing line that would compliment hardships of ordinary people and encourage free thinking.

Gappiya clothing is a clothing brand created for ordinary people with extraordinary taste. We are bold. We are not normal. We don’t believe in models, make up, bollywood or Photoshop. We stand for every day life heroes, true struggles and honest achievements

All our products are hand made in Sri Lanka. A beautiful little paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean, filled with breathtaking beauty and people with big smiles. Our little factory is located about ten kilometers away from the capital, Colombo. We are not masters of the latest technology but we are committed to top quality and craftsmanship. Every single product is made by hand and checked by humans to make sure it suites world standards.

We are small in size yet big in dreams.